Dateline, Lake Geneva Wisconsin...

A beastly "Werewolf" type creature was spotted, again.  Yes, again.

From My Racine there is legend of something called, the "Beast of Bray," up in Lake Geneva. On Bray Road (east of Elkhorn, west of I-43, just near Elkhorn Area High School) there was a 7-foot "beastly" creature spotted a few years back.

Back in May of this year a man by the name of Ron Rice was delivering a truckload of fertilizer and spotted this "beast" and then two weeks later, once again.

"This thing was huge, it was over 7-feet tall, it was brown and hairy with coarse hair. It walked out and picked something up, then turned its back toward me and went back into the woods.” - Ron Rice


There were sighting of this large, hairy creature back in 2018...and that's no fertilizer.

Boats, beers, and Beastly Creatures...Welcome to Lake Geneva.

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