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Co-owners of Rockford's GAR, Jim Aamodt passed away this past Sunday at the age of 63. Jim's dedication the sport of gymnastics and it's local athletes, is legendary. If you look at the records and trophies that Mr. Aamodt help bring to GAR it's a resume that can't be duplicated.

Jim coached 18 World Champions, over 500 National Champions, also more than 2000 state and local champions...wow, simply wow.

His coaching style was one of teaching and learning how far you could take yourself mentally and physically. While so many youth coaches these days care only about their own records and how THEY look in the spotlight, not Jim Aamodt.

“He pushed you to a level that you didn’t know you had, he did it in a loving way. Sometimes he did it in a very direct way, but it was very effective.” - Dan Aamodt, Jim’s brother

Jim's dedication to the Rockford area was very obvious, but he also gave back to athletes around the world. Including places like Haiti. In 2016, Jim was inducted into the World Acrobatics Society’s Gallery of Legends.

Also to find a business man that is more recognized for the way he deals with "people" rather than an "all business" attitude, is refreshing and shows that he was simply a great human....which in turn makes his business thrive.

Jim Aamodt had a love for life, family, his sport and his athletes. From every account I read on social media, simply a great guy that will be missed everyday. WIFR

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