2024 is the year of the Rivetsaurus, welcome Rally to the Rockford Rivets!

We all know summer is the best season and one of the reasons it takes the top spot, baseball!

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Whether you were born into a baseball loving family or you just enjoy a perfect night out once in a while at the ballfield, we can all agree that having a local baseball team like the Rivets is extra special for Rockford.

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As we got closer to the 2024 season, we heard that the Rivets were planning on bringing us a new mascot and asking fans to vote on his name!

Well, as of 5:30pm tonight (May 10) on Good Day Stateline, we all know that our new Rivets mascot is Rally the Rivetsaurus.

Rally isn't just a friendly new face in Rockford... according to the Rivets, he's been here for a while!

One fateful day, excavating the dugouts, a construction crew discovered strange fossils! They called the local Burpee Museum of Natural History paleontologists to investigate!

After they investigated, the Rivets discovered Rally's fossils are relatives of Ceratopsians like the Psittacosaurus.

Good Day Stateline

You know... there's some magic over there at the stadium, somehow they brought the Rivetsaurus back to life!

Rally is officially spending the summer with the Rivets in Rockford including celebrating his birthday on August 2nd. 

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Rally is really tall, so bring your heels to the game!

Good Day Stateline
Good Day Stateline


Just kidding, he's tall but he'll crouch for you, I can't wait for you to meet him!

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