Just like Jules Winfield said in Pulp Fiction, 'This is a tasty burger!"

That's exactly what I thought when I saw The 50 Best Burgers in America list from Travioso.


What makes a burger great? For some, it has to be the perfect patty packed with flavor. For others, it could be the secret sauce, the unique topping, the ideal bun to meat ratio, or even the perfect fries as a sidekick.

Mind you, I haven't had all the burgers on the list, but when I started scrolling through all of those mouthwatering pictures, I started thinking it might be time for a "Burger Road Trip."

Well, if you can't make the trek cross country to eat all 50 of the burgers highlighted, you can always just take a quick trip into Chicago and hit them all up over the course of a weekend.

That's because 4 of the 50 best burgers in America are only about an hour or so from Rockford.

Au Cheval, 800 W. Randolph Street in Chicago.

Little Bad Wolf, 1541 West Bryn Maur Avenue in Chicago.

Mott Street, 14011 North Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

Owen and Engine, 2700 North Western Avenue in Chicago.

While Rockford wasn't represented on the list of the best burgers in America, I feel you'd be missing out on some great burgers right here in town.

If you want delish burgers not far from home, check out 15th & Chris, Buddy's Burgers, or Baker Street Burgers.

[H/T Quick Country 96.5]

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