Do you want to be more productive? You might think you need to get more sleep, but maybe you just need to listen to the right music while you work. 

Every day it seems like there's another tip or trick to help us get more focus in our lives, but what if we could be productive just by listening to the right music?

This sort of blows my mind!

I so believe that music makes a ton of differene when it comes to productivity, but I didn't realize there is science behind it.

It's all about the number of beats per minute in the song.

A study by Workamijig, recently discovered that a 50-80 bpm (beats per minute) is best for productivity while you're at work.

To be fair... it probably does depend on what you do for a living... if you're a fitness instructor, or a dance teacher, a drummer or maybe even a mechanic, you might want to look up a different study, but if you're trying to concentrate at your desk, this info may be for you.

In the study, they found 10 great songs to listen to while you're at work and we definitely agree here at 97ZOK.

The three we most recommend are: Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift, Lavender Haze by Taylor Swift, and Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga.

You can check out the full list here.

What songs do you think help you do the best work?

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