So wait... is this guy playing the violin or not? The Target violin guy might not be as impressive as we thought.

Last week I wrote a story about the incredible guy playing the violin outside the Target in Rockford. 

I was supremely impressed by like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift instrumentals and was like, wow, how talented.

But since then, I've come to another conclusion, he was playing an electric violin. Kind of like a player-piano.

Now, either way, still beautiful music that filled the air on E. State Street and made me enjoy my walk from the car to the store, but maybe not completely honest as he's trying to collect money on Venmo.

Because I legit tried to research this guy I can tell you that's it's been a week since anyone sent him money on Venmo. I think he skipped town after I wrote that story and the local news team tried to interview him. 

So we'll never really know if Ratug is a fraud or legit violinist, but we do know that there are other electric violin scammers out there who coincidently always appear at stores like Target.

What do you think?

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