I believe there are just a few things Mayor Tom McNamara wouldn't do for Rockford, but I never imagined rappelling down one of our city's tallest buildings wouldn't be one of them.

JB Love and I have called on Mayor Mac to participate in an assortment of our crazy ideas in the past, and he has never told us no. He always makes time to answer our questions, and he has even called to set us straight when we talk inaccurately about our fair city. In short, we think Mayor Mac is a great person, and this crazy thing he just agreed to do for the Girl Scouts proves it even further.

According to wrex.com;

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara pledged to rappel down the eight-story Supply Core building in downtown Rockford to help support the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois.

Yes, you read that right. Mayor McNamara will rappel down the Supply Core building coming up on June 5, 2021, and here's the response Mayor McNamara recently gave to WREX;

“Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois has a long history of empowering young people in our community and growing the next generation of thinkers, leaders and doers,” says Mayor Tom McNamara. “I’m excited to support this unique event and looking forward to going over the edge!”

The event is called Over The Edge 4 Girl Scoutsand it will help raise money for girls who experience financial barriers to GS programs. My oldest daughter is a Girl Scout, and I hadn't heard about this event until today, but it sure sounds fun! The community  can either register to rappel down the Supply Core building themselves, OR raise money to make your boss and co-workers go 'over the edge'. <insert evil laugh here>.


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