If you babysat, how old were you when you first started?

I remember when I was 11 and couldn't wait to turn 12; that's when you were finally old enough to go to babysitter training camp.

After a day of learning how to change diapers, perform CPR, and making a solid business plan to run your own version of the Babysitters Club books, you'd be making your own money and shopping at Claire's Boutique in no time. It was glorious.

12 just might be that magic number when it comes to babysitting. At least one Rockford lawmaker seems to think so.

According to WREX, Republican Rep. Joe Sosnowski is pushing to lower the legal babysitting age in Illinois from 14 to 12.

Sosnowski says the change will help protect working families from being accused of and charged with child neglect or abandonment; and that the current age, which is the highest is the nation, is making it too hard for single and working parents to make an living.

Would you agree? What do you think the legal babysitting age should be?

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