It's amazing what a slogan can do for a place. The right one and everyone knows you, the wrong one and everyone forgets you. For every "Where's the beef?" and "Just do it" there are a ton of others that don't stick. I'm pretty sure Coca-Cola has about 50 slogans they've used over the years.

The same could be said about a town. The town name and slogan greets those coming to it for the first time. You want something that will stand out and remind people what you're about. Sure it's cool that you have the world's largest yarn ball but that's not always attracting new businesses and growth to the area.

Loves Park has announced rebranding efforts that will focus on just that. They've launched a new website and a new slogan, "The Heart of the Midwest." according to WREX. Outside of just the cute play on words from Loves & Heart, I think this is a motto that could help attract new businesses. The heart pumps the blood to the surrounding areas and that's exactly what Loves Park is trying to do.

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