Yesterday I'm scrolling through Facebook and I came across a post from the Loves Park Police Department that says, "CAN YOU HELP US IDENTIFY THESE THREE INDIVIDUALS? "

First, I looked at the photos; then I read about the allegations and my jaw dropped because, and tell me if this has ever happened to you, I was just at that FasFuel. It's kind of crazy.

That's when you start playing out crazy scenarios in your mind and imagine what you would have done if you were there when it happened. Thankfully, this incident wasn't more serious, or you probably wouldn't know what to do.

Upon further reading, you'll see that these three were just pulling what seems like a harmless prank to most, but it's important to address these issues now, before they turn into something more serious.  Not to mention, the city of Loves Park, even Rockford, are wasting valuable resources every time someone pulls a prank like this.

If you have any information on these individuals, please contact the Loves Park Police Department.


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