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If Rockford Lutheran's James Robinson stays healthy, he will be the NFL Rookie of The Year. The undrafted free agent that played his high school football at Rockford Lutheran is playing like he's been in the NFL for 5-6 years.

Robinson had another very impressive weekend as he scored two touchdowns and a 2-point conversion against the Chargers. He can out run you, or run through you...or like he did on touchdown number two, make your eyes pop out of your head and say "whoa...what did he just do?"

At the 2:15 mark on this highlight package, James catches a pass and heads towards the endzone. He is near the sidelines and needs to make a last second choice about getting the ball over the goal line. This is totally a you "can't teach this" moment. James Robinson switches the ball into his left hand, and has an "OMG" moment.

Keep it up James, we are all proud of you in the 815!


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