Earlier this week I shared a photo of a sale sign for Swansons Discount Vacuum on North Second Street in Machesney Park; asking "Is This Machesney Park Business Sign Sexist?"

After sharing the photo on Facebook, the post got an overwhelming response that I wasn't expecting...at all. People were upset and suggested that I needed to get a life and that my boyfriend was actually my girlfriend; it was as if no one actually read what I wrote and just looked at the photo at the top of the story.

That story made it's way back to Swansons Discount Vacuum and one of their employees reached out to me to me on Facebook to apologize, saying, "Hi Mandy..I'm sorry my sign upset you..I'm a mom and a grandma and the sign was geared towards mother's day and it was crappy weather last week and I'm only one person who runs this store so I couldn't get it down after mother's day. Sorry to offend you."

I explained that I wasn't offended and that my boyfriend was simply being a sarcastic boob. That exchange on Facebook lasted all afternoon with people chiming in about how they drive by the sign everyday and love to read what's on it. I think it took them by surprise because Chandra, the woman who's responsible for the sign said, "My owner will be happy because I tell him no one reads that damn sign anyway..I was wrong lol."

After all the banter and friendly comments about how much people enjoy the sign, the store responded to the criticism and you won't believe how shocked I was when they changed it to this:

Swansons discount vacuum
Mandy James, TSM

I had to stop in not, only to explain how all this craziness happened, but also to thank them for being such good sports.

By the way, Chandra is looking for some fun ideas for their sign. If you have some, feel free to share them in the comments.

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