The end of landlines as we know it in Illinois is one step closer to happening.

A new bill is waiting for Governor Bruce Rauner to sign that would in effect end telephone landline service throughout the state.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "telecommunications modernization law would allow AT&T to disconnect its remaining 1.2 million landline telephone customers across the state" and "If Rauner signs the bill, it would go into effect July 1."

There is opposition of course, saying "the bill would leave behind hundreds of thousands of Illinois residents," even though "AT&T said it is losing about 5,000 landline customers statewide each week."

Losing landline telephone service would signal the end of an era for many people in Illinois. If you the bill is passed and goes into effect, "AT&T would be required to notify Illinois customers of its plans to disconnect."

I remember cancelling my landline service in the mid 2000s and it took some time getting used to not having a phone hanging on a wall in my home.

Now it doesn't matter, because best bet is that this bill will pass, where "it has gotten similar legislation passed in 19 of the 21 states where it (AT&T) is the legacy telephone carrier."

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