A Utah man got locked inside of a 24-hour gym and decided to have fun with it. Just look at the pictures he posted of him having a blast while locked up.

This past weekend, Dan Hill decided to go for a late-night swim at his gym, which is a 24 Hour Fitness in Sandy, Utah and ended up with the whole place to himself. No one was at the gym, including the employees, because they locked Dan in.

Dan posted the below on his Facebook and said that the employees of the gym locked up the place and set the alarm while he was swimming laps in the pool.

He decided to make a couple of phone calls, one to 911 and one to his wife. Dan's wife told him to find a comfortable place to sleep, Sandy dispatch said they'd call him back. While Dan was waiting, he decided to have some fun and posted the pictures above on his Facebook.

Just think about having the whole gym to yourself.  You could finally get on the squat machine without waiting or write funny messages on the mirror or maybe jump from one treadmill to the next. Dan definitely had fun during his time locked up (in the gym) and he said it reminded him of 'Home Alone.'

Eventually, Dan was set free, thanks to Sandy Police. He posted the picture below after he was free from 24 Hour Fitness. Apparently, 24 Hour Fitness changed their hours in select locations and this happened to be one of them.

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