As we gear up for our very first Friday Night Flix at Davis Park next Friday, June 1st, it's fun to imagine that as we sit there snacking on popcorn from the comfort of our fuzzy blankets, that this space could soon be used for more than watching movies and casual meetings.

According to WREX, thanks to a push from Mayor Tom McNamara, it could soon feature ice rinks, water attractions, new music venues and more.

With the help of a 20-member task force, the hope is to "refine" plans to redevelop the area; and with a new hotel coming soon, leaders believe it's "critical to capitalize on what Davis Park has to offer." Which is a lot.

Here's was the initial proposal from 2016 looked like:

Davis Park

Other suggestions for the park include public docks, climbing wall, sculpture garden and dog park.

What would you like to see come to Davis Park?

Check out the master plan here.

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