Healthy moms rejoice; McDonald's is making it so much easier to treat your kids to a nutritious meal when you're constantly on the run.

According to WSMV, in an effort to reduce calories, saturated fat and sodium, the popular fast food chain is removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from it's Happy Meal menu.

But don't worry, especially parents who look at a Happy Meal as a treat from time-to-time, you can still ask for both items; they just won't be listed as an option on the menu.

Ultimately, the choice is yours; you decide where and what your child eats, and how much; McDonald's is simply making it easier for us to teach our kids early about the importance of nutrition and doing their part to combat childhood obesity.

There's no exact time frame as to when the change will take place, but other tweaks will take place too, including:

  • six piece chicken nugget meals will come with kid sized fries instead of a small
  • bottled water will be added to the happy meal menu, but will cost extra

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