I've been thinking a lot lately how we are living in history right now. The crazy pandemics you read about in history books, yeah, we're experiencing that all in real time. But future generations weren't here, they'll learn about it as history.

So it's our job to help document this history. Midday Village needs your help doing just that.

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David Byrnes, Midway Village executive director, said the museum is looking for anything from artifacts, to stories, to pictures that will help document life during this time. Byrnes said the museum is currently doing virtual tours online and expects to have an exhibit or tour on covid-19 as well.

It's to help people gain a perspective of what life was like during this time. Good and bad. So of course you can document how weird it was to go to the store in a mask and gloves after waiting outside online for an hour or how you visited your grandma through a window. But you should also document the good the world is doing.

Like how businesses completely switched gears to make hand sanitizer and PPE products. Or how almost everything has become hilariously virtual. It's just important that we document it all.

If you would like to contribute to the museum, you are asked to email curator@midwayvillage.com.

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