Television host, Mike Rowe, just shared a pretty powerful piece that he wants all students and faculty, in every school, to see. And I completely agree.

Mike Rowe is not a tough face or voice to recognize. The television host, actor, narrator and I even heard opera singer (I can't personally confirm that), is best known for his work on Discovery Channel's show, Dirty Jobs.

If you're a Mike Rowe fan, this is what you need to be doing right now!

I often find myself very inspired when I hear his voice. He never wastes my time with his social media content. Following him on Facebook and Instagram is what you should be doing.

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Mike Rowe's online content is thought-provoking, inspiring, heart-felt, witty, funny and not always the 'popular' opinion. That last quality is one I really admire.

The topic at the heart of what he shared today is one you must be careful not to mention too loudly inside the walls of a high school. At least that's how it feels sometimes.

"You don't have to necessarily go to college to make a good living."

Those words, written by David Soliday, were at the top of a sheet of paper that Mike Rowe wants to see hung up IN A PROMINENT spot in every high school.

David Soliday shared this sheet of paper in a social media post to show that young people have many choices after high school. He also shared, in his post, that he was certain Mike Rowe would like it.

"College is awesome... for some, but not for all. Mike Rowe would applaud this!"


David was right, Mike applauded it and shared it.

To stay very well connected to Mike Rowe and what he's up to, visit his website.

If you want to dig in on this 'college vs. trade school' topic with Mike and all of his Facebook followers, you can jump in below.

Mike wrote his social media post as a letter back to David and he included a very special P.S.:

P.S. In many parts of the country, these are starting hourly wages. Due to the current labor shortage, many employers are paying much more. My friend Chloe Hudson, who stars in a short documentary called Trading Up, (released later today,) makes mid six-figures as a welder, with no college debt. Her story, like so many others, is compelling and critical. Here's a link to the trailer...

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