Read my lips, "More New Taxes." Residents and those passing through Rockton could see more taxes coming their way, according to WIFR.

At the next village board meeting, the committee is looking to create a one percent sales tax road referendum to combat the rough shape the roads are in. The one bright spot though is that they could add a sunset clause that would place an expiration date on the tax before it could be voted on again.

It seems like every time there is a new tax that it's always used for the "roads." Gas tax, vehicle registration, local taxes, and yet we still seem to have problems managing to keep the roads in good shape.

The sunset clause seems like a bright spot, but I remember hearing stories about how the tolls were only supposed to be temporary as well...

And you ever notice there's cones and barriers for road construction for miles, yet no work is being done there? Keep raising taxes, keep the roads blocked, and keep watching Illinois residents flee to other parts of the country.

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