That awkward moment when you realize you just called something underrated only to find it labeled the 2nd most popular thing to do in a tiny town.

You'd think the townsfolk would at least make it a famous sight and hype it up at every turn to drum up support as a tourist attraction.


Nope. That's not the case in Vandalia, Illinois. No, it's not the home of the world's most awesome onion festival. By the way, that's Vidalia, located in Georgia, and not Vandalia, which is in Illinois,

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Anyway, I hope you get the chance to visit Vidalia to check out their onion festival and to travel to Vandalia to support their fire-breathing dragon.

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You read that correctly; Vandalia has a dragon called the Kaskaskia Dragon.



It's also considered the most underrated attraction in Illinois, according to 24/7 Tempo:

Visitors can pull off the highway in Vandalia, Illinois, and visit the 35-foot-long Kaskaskia Dragon. The dragon started as purely a fun project for Walt Barenfanger. If you insert a token, the Kaskaskia Dragon will shoot a flame and roar, and its eyes will glow red for ten seconds. Talk about fun (or scary, depending on who you ask) for the whole family!

Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same sentiment. Dr. Xaos on TripAdvisor shared a recent experience saying, "Time seems to be wearing the draconic figure down," and the fire-breathing was "disappointingly minimal."


See it in person and tell us what you think. The Kaskaskia Dragon is at 2024 Progess West Drive in Vandalia.

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