Ever had a neighbor who loved a good form of expression?  People of Illinois can go a little overboard when they put out lawn decorations.  Change my mind!

When it comes to expressing personality, some people turn to fashion, others get tattoos, and then there are those who use their lawns as a canvas.

We now live in a world where pink flamingos meet garden gnomes, and nothing is ever too crazy.  What's the wildest lawn ornament you've come across?

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One Of The Most Bizarre Lawn Decorations In Illinois

I have a friend who shared her favorite lawn decoration with me and I couldn't believe someone actually owned this.  My friend, Katie DiNicola, sent me a photo of her 5-foot colorful rooster on her front lawn in Belvidere.


Katie DiNicola
Katie DiNicola

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I have a lot of questions that are still unanswered.  First off, the rooster looks like it has peg legs.  Why?  Second, it's literally chained to a basketball hoop. Again, WHY?

Clearly. we don't want anyone stealing her ginormous lawn decoration.  So I applaud her effort in trying to keep her rooster as secure as possible haha.

Katie said she wanted to make a Facebook page for the rooster and make it a "roadside attraction".  Honestly, that sounds like a really great way to make extra cash - charge people to take a photo of it like in a museum!  Who knows, maybe it'll go viral on TikTok.

Do you think she should make it a fun roadside attraction?

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