The first movie theater in the world to feature a fully-functioning microbrewery, that's the Flix Brewhouse claim to fame and it open this week in Madison.

Flix Brewhouse opened it's sixth location at East Towne Mall in Madison, Wisconsin on Thursday, July 5th, according to Flix serves over 30 different beers, 9 of which they brew themselves. I grew up in Madison and spent 100s of hours inside East Towne Mall and I'm excited to take a trip home and see this place for myself. The East Towne Mall theater, which was nothing like this place I'm sure, was where I went on my first date. I was in the 8th grade and my date Becky and I went to see Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. My mom drove us.

What was most surprising to discover about Flix Brewhouse was that they show brand new movies, not just second run films. And buying tickets online couldn't be any easier

Movie Theater With A Restaurant and Microbrewery Opens In Madison

Just one click to Flix Brewhouse's Facebook page to see what this fabulous place looks like.

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