Tell me this doesn't make your hot-buttered movie theater popcorn-lovin' heart rejoice. Can't catch a movie but this is the next best thing.

Classic Cinemas Beloit Theatre at 2799 Cranston Rd. in Beloit, Wisconsin has read my mind (your's too, I'm sure). All the concessions that make going out to see a movie so much fun, are now available for curbside pick up. Popcorn, soda, ICEEs, nachos and candy. All that, can be pre-ordered for curbside pick up.

To pre-order your favorite concession, call Classic Cinemas Beloit at 608-368-1107.

Classic Cinemas took control of Schuberts Luxury 10 Theater in Beloit, in November of 2019 and immediately went to work on renovations. Part of those renovations was a complete overhaul of the auditorium seating, according One thousand seats were removed to make room for reclining, temperature-controlled seating. Removing basically every other row created over six feet of space between rows. That space is pretty significant given the socially-distanced coronavirus age we're living in.

Owners of Classic Cinemas Beloit hope to be able to welcome us back INSIDE in the coming weeks.

While we are satisfying our movie snack cravings, preparations are being made to give us a grand, socially-distanced movie experience like no other.


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