If you're big into reading, which I wish I was, I think I found the perfect place for you to spend your entire weekend next time you're looking for something to read!

I've never seen a bookstore as big as this one.  I've been to Half Price Books in Rockford, Illinois, but based on this place I found, Half Price Books is super tiny!  Myopic Discounted Bookstore has over 80,000 books for you to browse through.  Now I don't know how long that would take you to go through every single genre, but I bet you could spend your whole weekend exploring this place.


Myopic is known to be the largest discounted bookstore in Illinois.  It's a hidden gem located in one of Chicago's most popular neighborhoods!

This place has 3 stories of used AND new books to choose from.  What's even cooler about this bookstore?  They have FREE in-house concerts and poetry readings!

I'd love to go to those, seems like a pretty chill spot to hangout on a Friday night.

Just like the books, the building itself is pretty rough.  That doesn't stop book-goers from spending all their time here.  Sometimes the best places to visit aren't totally "top notch".

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They have pretty much every genre for every age group you can think of.  From drama to true crime to adult fiction, Myopic has it all!

My favorite thing about this bookstore?  They have RULES!  Rules to make your experience so much better.

#1: Visitors must check their bags upon arrival

#2: You must restack the books you've taken off the shelves

#3: Put your cell phones away

and #4 is the most important of all...

Treat Leonard (their store cat) with the respect he deserves!

You can find Myopic at 1564 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622.

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