You don't really know the stigma around Chicago until you hear an out-of-towner talk about it from their perspective.

I came across this video on TikTok of a guy visiting Chicago saying, "come for the food and stay because you got shot" as he's serving himself a giant piece of deep dish pizza.

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TikTok - Cricken_
TikTok - Cricken_

Another TikTok creator, Cricken_, stitches the video and reacts the exactly how the rest of us living in Illinois would react: kinda shook.

Now, I've lived in Illinois my entire life.  I have been to Chicago hundreds of times and it's really nothing too special to me.  If you have never visited Chicago and have only ever seen the news coverage on it, you would definitely have a very skewed idea of what the city is really like.  That's why I don't watch news in general - it's mainly negative coverage and a way to put fear into peoples' minds.

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In the TikTok, Cricken_ goes on to compare downtown Los Angeles and Chicago.  He says Los Angeles wins with how dangerous it is compared to Chi.  Plus, he has visited other cities and says Chicago is a great place where he used to go walk around with friends.  Do you agree?

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Is This What Tourists Actually Think Chicago Crime Is Really Like?

Do people who don't live in Illinois really believe that you will instantly get shot when you come to Chicago?  I guess it depends on what area of Chicago you visit.

I'm not saying come to Chicago and "find out" yourself and get into an altercation that would put you in harms way, but give it a chance.  Can't say it won't happen, because anything is possible, but it's a pretty chill city to explore!

Here's the TikTok if you're interested in reading the comments, too.  People had a lot to say about this and you probably do, as well!

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