It's very cool to watch a new building being built in your city... it's even cooler when you get to sign part of it before it's finished being built.

About five years ago the Rockford Public Library announced that we would be getting a new, amazing, incredibly building.

Much like huge movies, huge buildings take a while.

In October of 2021, the library broke ground along with Scandroli Construction and up until this summer there wasn't that much to see.

Sure, you could see that the elevators and stairs were coming together, but most of the work wasn't all that fun to wactch until now.

Tonight on Good Day Stateline, we're taking you behind the scenes as the library becomes, well, an actual buillding.

We're headed up to the third floor to watch the concrete pour and we were also the first group of people to sign the beam.

What beam you may ask? The final beam that will be added to the building this Thuesday, October 27 at noon.

You can sign the beam Wednesday Octobr 26 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and you can attend the Topping Off Ceremony on Thursday at noon, too.

You'll want to take note of how to drive into the area, since well, it's undercontruction.

It was truly an honor to be the first to sign, while we are expecting chillier temps tomorrow, the sun should be shinning, so get out there and sign the beam, too!

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