When I was in junior high, we used to have school dances every few months that were DJ'd by a local radio personality. I thought it was so cool that JJ Kincaid would come to Chaska from 5-7 and play all of our favorite songs; it was like having our very own "Party Zone" in the school cafeteria.

Between awkward "snowball" dances and trips to the lunch line for dollar slices of Domino's pizza, the DJ would do fun things like hula-hoop contests, dance-offs and one of my favorites, "name that tune."  JJ would play a few seconds of a song and you had to be the first to guess title and artist; it was the first radio related contest I ever won.

Little did I know that my musical guessing skills would pay off later in life with a radio career and now it could help win a real game show with a real, life changing prize.

According to Fox TV, they're looking for contestants for their new game show, Beat Shazam, hosted by Jamie Foxx.

Not familiar with Shazam? Whenever you hear a song that you want to know title and artist to, just open up Shazam, and within seconds, the app will tell you the name of the song and the artist.

If you're the go-to person in your group of friends for when someone needs to know who sings a particular song or you can identify some of the most popular songs from every decade, then this your chance to win a "life changing jackpot."

All you need is a teammate, someone who has just as much music knowledge as you; and you have to sign up here.

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