Everywhere an Illinoisan, an Illinoisan gets taxed. Over-taxed and under-funded. An Illinoisan should be putting their names on this petition.

If you now have plans to leave Illinois, as thousands already have, don't bother with this petition. Don't bother, unless you're leaving friends and family behind. If you love those of us who are staying, help keep this from happening to us. Please!

Under proposed plans, Illinois drivers would be forced to pay a per-mile road user fee. A similar plan was floated by Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, in 2016. Furthermore, according to illinoispolicy.org, the creators of this petition:

Per-mile taxes come with serious privacy concerns, as drivers may have to install devices to monitor their usage.

Signing this petition means telling our lawmakers to oppose a per-mile tax on Illinois drivers.

Sign the Illinois 'NO PER MILE DRIVING TAX' petition right now, by clicking HERE.

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