Drop whatever plans you have for this Sunday, this is more important.

Everyone loves McDonald's for a different reason. For some, it's the Big Macs, others can't go through a day without an Egg McMuffin, then there are the fries. The amazing, delicious McDonald's fries.

But for me, it's the vanilla soft-serve cones.

The perfection of the swirl, the flavor and the fact that it's not too terribly bad for you has made McDonald's cones my biggest non-guilty pleasure of life.

So when I saw that McDonald's is hooking one person up with soft-serve for life, I maybe freaked out a little bit.

On top of all the other reasons why I love McD's cones, I have a chance to get them for free?

I'm there.

This Sunday, July 16, is when it's all going down.

McDonald's is giving away free cones all day through their McDonald's app, and if you use your app coupon between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., you're entered to win that 'Golden Arches Cone!'

I'm downloading their app and setting my alarm right now.

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