It's hot, we're still dealing with a pandemic and you're starting to get stir crazy with your kids going to school in your kitchen, time to take them mini golfing for free.

A few weeks ago, I went to Louie's Tap House in Roscoe for some sangria and music. By the way, they both were worth the drive.

And I noticed something while I was there... there's a mini golf course behind the bar!

How fun is that?!

They also have sand volleyball courts back there and tons of socially distant outdoor seating but the mini golf course was such an awesome discovery. I knew I had to come back some time for some putt putt.

Now imagine my surprise when I'm scrolling through Facebook and find out that on Tuesdays, mini golf is just a dollar for adults and free for kids ten and under.

I mean, clearly that's the best price ever.


Shout out to Stateline Kids for posting this info on Facebook.

I don't have kids of my own, but I have six little ones that call me 'auntie chelle,' so maybe I can convince some of their parents to meet me at Louie's while it's still nice out! I'll start with this one.

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