Almost exactly 19 years after they opened on E. State Street, Los Portales closed its doors in downtown Rockford. 

It's never fun to talk about a restaurant closing, but there is hope here that we'll have a new spot to check out soon.

Fourth of July weekend 19 years ago in 2004, a restaurant opened in downtown Rockford, you've probably heard of it... Los Portales?

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Yes. I know you've heard of it and you've enjoyed more than one meal from the simple but delicious Mexican restaurant on the edge of downtown.

The menu was packed with tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tamales, fajitas and pretty much anything else you can hope to see on a Mexican restaurant menu.

When Did Los Portales Close?

Unfortunately, Los Portales closed its doors for the last time this past weekend, July 2.

According to the Rockford Register Star, the owners, Sandy and Manuel Ruiz felt like it was time to do something new after serving Rockford for so many years.

While Los Portales' story is coming to an end, there may be a new beginning in their location, 805 E. State Street.

What's Going in the Los Portales Location?

The Rockford Register Star also reported that the Ruiz family will still continue to own the building and have already rented the space to another family that hope to bring Rockford a new Mexican restaurant.

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