It's impossible to forget the most enchanting part of a visit to Chuck E. Cheese. News just broke that by the end of 2024 the animatronics will be removed from nearly all of the pizzeria's 400 locations.

The End of an Era for Chuck E. Cheese Pizzeria


As an adult, it is hard to find a love for a lengthy visit to Chuck E. Cheese pizzeria. The pizza isn't fabulous, you're not a kid who loves dropping tokens into the games anymore, and the chaos of dozens of children running all over the place is enough to ruin a good day.

You endure a Chuck E. Cheese party for your kids, you want them to have a good time. You also want to see if what once terrified you, will do the same to them.

I don't remember how old I was when I first saw Munch's Make Believe Band, but I can tell you that the animatronics made me uncomfortable. I was afraid to get too close to them because they made strange noises when their eyes moved side to side or their mouths attempted to lip-sync.

The chain will be phasing out the rodent-fronted band by the end of 2024 at all but two of its 400 locations. New York and Los Angeles will be the only places you can still get down to Munch's sounds.

According to Chicago Eater, Chuck E. Cheese locations will replace the band with a giant TV, more seats, and a digital dance floor.

There are 19 Chuck E. Cheese locations in Illinois. No date has been given for the removal of the animatronics from those locations. The New York Times has more on this story.

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