Anyone can make a sandwich. Seriously, I've watched my six-year-old son slather peanut butter and jelly in between two pieces of bread and call it done.

However, there are big differences between just a sandwich and another that is considered one of the best in the entire world.

According to Timeout's list of The 25 Most Spectacular Sandwiches in the World, one of the greatest on Earth is made in Illinois.

"Sandwiched" among restaurants located in Istanbul, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona is "one of the few restaurants that lives up to its hype" according to Yelp reviewer, Ziwei F.

It's called Daisies and their Peaches and Cream sando. Loaded with blakesville chevre, catalpa ham, and peach preserves this sandwich sounds like the real deal.


The Midwest’s ubiquitous ham and cheese gets a serious upgrade in the hands of chef Joe Frillman, who ditches Swiss in favor of earthy chèvre. But the overperformer here is the mess of macerated, succulently sweet peach preserves (or strawberry or rhubarb, depending on the season). If you could somehow cram summer in Chicago between two pieces of bread, this would be it.

Dina J. called the Peaches and Cream sando a "decadent lightly grilled sandwich." Surprisingly, that was the only mention of it though on Yelp, so you may have to try it yourself.

M S. praised the service and staff at Daisies but said "The peach and prosciutto salad was ok. Definitely not what we expected. The dressing was ok and the bleu cheese helped."

Sounded like they were disappointed. Probably should have gotten the sandwich instead.

Daisies is located at 2523 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

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