You've been getting coffee there for three years, then poof, one of Rockford's most popular downtown coffee shops is gone. 

I know you're worried because you didn't realize it was moving either, but at least it's found a new home, right?

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I'm talking about Velvet Robot Coffee Lab, which has been living in downtown Rockford as part of the Indoor City Market since 2020.

The real bummer is... if you loved their coffee you have to drive to Roscoe to get it these days. That's quite a trek. Velvet Robot announced their new location a few week ago, and honestly this building looks really awesome. It's near Sophia's Family Restaurant on Bridge Street.

Don't be too worried though, the other Velvet Robot location is still open at 1292 S Alpine Rd.

We do still have some coffee locations in downtown Rockford though! Don't worry!

Inzombia Cafe is still open, so is Wired Cafe and at the Embassy Suites hotel is the new home for Rockford Roasting Co., so you know, there are still a few places to get your caffeine hit in the downtown area.

What's your favorite place to grab a cup of coffee in Rockford? Let us know in the app chat!

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