If you're attempting to do your best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 you should be wearing some form of face-covering while in public.

At first, the face masks and coverings were primarily to keep us and each other safe. While still true, face masks have become a form of expression as well.

Whether it be your favorite TV show, movie, superhero, sports team, or slogan, I've seen a logo or figure printed on tons of face masks.

I'm a big Chicago Bears fan, so of course, I bought a Bears face covering for when I need to be in public.

Emphasis on the word "bought." That's because the Green Bay Packers sent their faithful season ticket holders two Green Bay Packers face masks for no other reason to say "thanks."

Sure, season ticket holders need to pay for a full season, but the gesture from the front office of the Green Bay Packers is part of the reason they are looked at as one of the top organizations in the NFL.

The Packers also sent out a note saying the face masks "will assist you in staying safe while also allowing you to show your Packers pride."

As far as when or if football will be played in 2020, the letter also mentions they "are some time away from learning how you'll be able to attend your favorite Packers activity."

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