Mold fears have parents everywhere cutting into a very expensive baby teething toy.

If you're not familiar with Sophie the Giraffe, you probably don't have any kids. I wasn't, but my wife made sure that she bought one when he had our second child.

Sophie runs for nearly $25 on Amazon and is pretty much the best teething toy (if there is such a thing) on the market.

Parents Are Finding Mold In This Popular Teething Toy

When I found out the cost, I couldn't believe it but I conceded, because "anything for my baby." However, I could never understand why a teething toy is so expensive.

Now I have a new reason to dislike the Sophie teething toy. NBC Chicago is saying that parents are finding mold growing inside Sophie.

A spokesperson for Sophie the Giraffe shared a statement with Good Housekeeping:

"It's important to know that Sophie la Girafe [Sophie the Giraffe] is composed of 100% natural rubber, so the cleaning instructions have to be carefully respected...Please know that each complaint received is taken very seriously and that the return of the product is always asked for further examination."

It's good to see that the company is getting out in front of what could potentially be a disastrous situation. You can read the entire statement on

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