Who knew Rockford Monopoly was a real thing?

My parents were cleaning out our basement over the weekend and found a bunch of board games. My mom wanted to toss them... but I said, "no way! We need 'Chicago in a Box'!"

Turns out "Chicago in a Box" isn't the only Monopoly twist out there from Illinois. There is also, "Rockford On Board."

The game is set up much like Monopoly, swapping Boardwalk and Park Place for Rockford locations, changing jail to the Rockford Airport (which is very strange), and giving you the option to play the game as a sock monkey.

According to an article from WREX in 2015, the game was made in 2005 and was developed to raise money for charity. The article talks about a 2015 version being created, but I couldn't find information regarding the revamped game.

The original game is selling for $81.95 (with free shipping) on Amazon. Would you buy it? I kind of want one... or maybe you know someone who has their own already at home.

I am on a search because I can't zoom in enough on these photos to see what all of the properties are and I'm super curious.

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