If you're sitting at an intersection in Illinois and see someone trying to raise money for their family member's funeral, it might be a scam.

There are so many different types of scams you can fall for every single day.  Sometimes it's hard to differentiate if a situation is too good to be true or actually legitimate.

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Illinois residents alone can be pretty gullible when it comes to scams.  From stealing your card information online, to gift card blackmailing and counterfeit money scams, this "funeral" scam could top all of them.

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I was on the NextDoor App when I saw a woman post to the surrounding Rockford neighborhoods about a new scam to watch out for.  Have you heard of this?

One Of The Biggest Scams In Illinois Involves A Fake Funeral


She said, "Hey, just letting you know that if you see people parading with posters in the streets for a funeral for a loved one, it MAY BE A SCAM.  Please, give when you're able and willing, but give knowing it is going to a cause and not to line an immoral person's pockets."


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I've never heard about this one before, so I figured I'd spread the word!  This is definitely a new low... I couldn't imagine being a panhandler and lying about a loved one passing away.  I guess people do what they gotta do, but this is sad.

Just always be cautious when giving money to panhandlers or random people on the street.  You really never know someone's true intentions or where your money is actually going.

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