For as long as I can remember, when it comes to the retail, hospitality, and customer service industries, the motto has always been "the customer is always right." There really should be a dot dot dot after that, followed by "most of the time."

That phrase, along with an increase in food allergies, fad diets and the need for instant gratification, has turned consumers into selfish, self-proclaimed foodies who think that every thing on their restaurant menu should be made-to-order.

Unfortunately, not every eatery and diner's catch phrase is "Have it your way;" they aren't Burger King and neither is Taco Betty's.

After being open for only a few days they've had nothing but rave reviews; however, one customer pointed out a disclaimer on the TB menu and they weren't impressed.


The photo was shared on Facebook and garnered these responses:

"Yeah well Taco Bell will make my nachos without tomatoes... What is the point of being in the food service industry if you don't serve what the person wants... I find this pretty out there. Hire chefs that can multitask."

"Stresses out the chefs? Lol get new ones. This is ridiculous"

"How about don't be a chef if someone ordering "no onions" stresses you out...or don't open a restaurant if you don't want to accommodate people's choices."

"Wow. That's a pretty bold disclaimer there for a restaurant that's sole purpose is catering to the needs of its customers."

"I don't think this is funny. Their humor is kind of rude."

"This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen on a menu. Wtf?!"

It wasn't all bad though, one taco lover pointed out:

"Is it possible that maybe this is just for now? Paul is a pretty successful restauranteur and knows what he's doing (abreo &a social)."


I went to Taco Betty's Facebook page and so far the reviews have been nothing but positive; Steve Shannon and his daughter went yesterday and they loved it.

But would this disclosure on the menu turn you off? You have options. You could be like me and pick the stuff off you don't like or just don't eat there.


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