"U will find this special appealing, Summerberry Salad is $1 off this week! #runforyourlifetobeefaroo"

UPDATE: Beef-a-Roo has removed their Facebook status and tweet from the web, so we've recreated it for you above. We found the photo as a print that you can buy for your home on Ebay (well, only if you live in the UK). Yes, really. 


Have you ever seen those word finds on social media and the headline reads, "The First Word You Find in this Word Search Says A Lot About Your Personality?"

You don't even click into the article, you just instantly spot one word in the featured image, let's say it was the word "FUN," and instantly you rejoice because that obviously means you're fun. Yay, good for you.

Now, let's apply those same rules to this tweet from Beef-a-Roo above (They had the same post on Facebook but it's since been removed.) Go ahead, look again. What if I told you that the first thing you noticed about the photo says a lot about your personality?

I'll go first- I saw "Summerberry Salad is $1 off" first, followed by a hilarious photo of a banana flashing a strawberry and a pear. You know what I think that says about me- that I'm thrifty, like to save money and I love Summerberry salads; and you best believe I'm taking advantage of that promo this week.

Your turn. Did you see the flashing banana first? Ok, what does that say about you? You can't  hear me, but I'm giggling. It obviously means you have a wild imagination. If you thought it was hysterical, then you've got a great sense of humor; if you thought it was offensive then it's pretty clear you just don't like bananas. What's to like about a food that's high in fiber and natural sugar, anyway?

Seriously though, people are shocked and offended that Beef-a-Roo would post something like this on their Facebook page. Really!?

And the comments are the best:

  • "This is beyond disturbing and highly inappropriate. You've lost my business unless some sort of action is taken. What a horrific thing to portray."
  • "I don't have anything bad to say, except that this ad distracts from the product that's actually being offered (or promoted) and suggests perversion. Not the best choice for a berry salad!"
  • "Saw this on my feed and thought it was a condom ad or some sort of sex ad. Really beer a roo??... Ill still go eat there tho lol"
  • "I think you might want to rethink this picture!!!! Looks pretty inappropriate to me at first glance."
  • "Apparently, Beefaroo thinks unwarranted sexual advances and potential sexual assault is hilarious?"
  • "Inappropriate ad. This is a big fail Beefaro, you're better than this!"
  • "This is beyond inaproptiate. I feel like you are not understanding social media."
  • "This is unbelievably weird.... no thanks Beefaroo. Take your weird pictures elsewhere. #Unfollowed"
  • "Banana looks like Trump at a Girl Scout camp!"
  • "This was a shock to my system"

And finally, the best for last:

"no beefaroo, don't listen to the naysayers. this is perfect."

Yes, yes it is.

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