If you were doing some shopping in Machesney Park over the weekend, or if you frequent the area of 173 and 251, there's a very good chance you've seen this once or twice- people running a red light at that intersection.

Specifically, as you're heading west on 173 and want to go south (take a left) on 251 so you're heading towards Loves Park.

Machesney Crossing Shopping Mall

Here's what typically happens. There are two turn lanes on the east side of 173 and the person who's leading the way in the outside turn lane will see the light turn green to go straight and floor it; even though their light is still red.

Obviously, it's not intentional, but if you're ever behind that person, you're smacking yourself in the forehead; saying, "Oh my gosh, what are you doing? The light's still red, you dork."

And if you haven't seen someone else run this light, there's a very good chance that the one running it is you.

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