This one sounds like it's right up Sweet Lenny's ally. Spoiler alert ... Pizza Monopoly is just as amazing as it sounds. Obviously it comes in a pizza box, because what else would it come in? Bustle detailed all of the amazingness -

Players collect various pizza toppings, from pepperoni to mac and cheese, and whoever has the most pizza at the end of the game, wins. Instead of the classic tokens, these ones are pizza-themed and include a cheese grater, cheese shaker, pizza slicer, pizza chef, pizza on a paddle, and delivery bike. When you open the box, it even looks like you're opening a pizza because, when put together in the top of the box, the cards form a pizza. With chance and community chest cards, players can become pizza connoisseurs, or try something fun such as entering a pizza-making contest.

The game is available for preorder from Walmart here.

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