The guy who police have referred to as the "Pizza Man," was arrested and is now facing a felony charge of burglary to a motor vehicle.

The "Pizza Man," Dany Y. Ortiz from Cicero is said to have gone from town to town in early July in Chicago's west suburbs hunting for his favorite slice of pizza.

Instead of buying the pizza with his own money, Ortiz would check unlocked vehicles in the neighborhood for loose change or cash that would assist in paying for the meal.

This happened in 6 different suburbs along with Cicero. The others included Berwyn, River Forest, Oak Park, North Riverside, and Riverside.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

Over the next week, numerous break-ins were reported to unlocked cars, though the burglar appeared to ignore valuable electronics in favor of loose change and dollars, police said."

After Ortiz's car was spotted at a burglary, police traced his plates back to his home "where he was found smoking pot on the front porch on July 11, police said."  Ortiz was then arrested, thus ending his pizza eating, loose change stealing spree.

I wish this guy had my phone number, I would have taken him along on a pizza trip. I would have also paid for his slice.


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