If you listen to the Steve Shannon Show regularly, you might be familiar with my struggle to find a new place to live in the Rockford area. For the past four months, my search for a rental property has been a total nightmare; from dealing with rental scams to having to write an essay on why I should be allowed to look at a property, I'm exhausted. My boyfriend and I finally agreed that it's time to start looking outside of Rockford.

We've now put Roscoe at the top of our list; not only do we have some awesome friends who live there, but WIFR has reported that it's one of the safest cities in Illinois.

If you know of anyone who has a property to rent, let me know; I'll buy the first round at the Wiffle Tree for whoever can provide me with a lead.

If you or someone you know lives in Roscoe, what do you like about living there the most?