Well, it's 2018 so naturally people are trying to modernize a lot of holiday traditions. What're people going after this time? The big man himself, Santa. According to a new survey, some people are wanting to give Santa a makeover to make him look a little more modern. So what exactly does that mean? According to TV6 -

The modern Santa ditches the red and white suit for skinny jeans, hover board and iPhone. Santa also goes on a diet, gets some tattoos, a hair cut and restyles his beard. Oh, and he now has an Amazon Prime subscription and a flying car, leaving Rudolph at home. Also, 17% of people thought Santa should be gender-fluid and 10% thought the icon should be a woman, but the majority keep Jolly Ol' Saint Nick a man.

Santa is an iconic figure, so what do you think? Should 2019 Santa be a new and improved man?

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