When I think of summer destinations, I instantly think places with beaches, tourist shops, and street performers.

I might be biased because I've lived 90 minutes from Chicago my entire life, but I would never in a million years choose the Windy City as a summer vacation destination.  Would you agree?

Sure, it's a "tourist" destination, but for locals it's just home.



I see no reason to visit Chicago unless there's a concert, marathon, or major event happening.  If you're into experiencing the city life then go for it, but I'd rather sit my butt on a beach and enjoy the beautiful breeze for a vacay!

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Surprisingly enough, Chicago was named one of the most popular summer destinations in America this year.  We might have delicious foods, the Willis Tower and the iconic CloudGate (aka the Bean!), but what else is there to see or do?  I just don't get it.

One Of America’s Most Popular Summer Destinations Is In Illinois

Chicago ranked #10.

#9: Miami

#8: Boston

#7: Los Angeles

#6: Denver

#5: New York City

#4: Honolulu

#3: Orlando

#2: Las Vegas

#1: Seattle

If if was up to me, Lake Geneva or Galena would totally have made the list over Chicago.  Both have attractions everyone can enjoy, like beaches, lakes, and rich history!  How about Casey, Illinois?  They're home to many Guinness World Records, including the world's largest wind chime, rocking chair, and pitchfork.

If you want to cross Chicago off your bucket list then visit the city.  If you want a unique and really cool place for a summer vacation destination, think twice before booking a flight to Chicago.  It might not be your vibe!

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