Listen here Buttercup, if you want to have some fun and relive one of the best movies of all time, here's your chance.

Growing up, The Princess Bride was a staple in our house. The likes of Ferris Bueller, The Breakfast Club, and Christmas Vacation. There was a good chance if it was on the television, we were watching. Or those lazy Saturdays, before Netflix, when you would actually do a marathon of movies, that VHS was usually in the pile. Till this day, if I see it on, I get sucked into watching it.

Now you can relive the movie with some adult beverages and some fun! The Sixth, a cocktail bar in Lincoln Square, will launch a Princess Bride themed pop-up on February 11th and run through March 22nd according to NBC 5. The decor will remind you of the movie and they even have 16 drinks named after some of the most quotable lines, inconceivable! If they have a peanut drink, I promise to annoy everyone I know by asking if they want a peanut.

The Sixth is located at 2202 W. Lawrence Ave.

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