The Rockford Icehogs may have lost their home opener over the weekend, but there was one big win in the crowd, a surprise proposal!

It's hockey season!

There are plenty of things to do in downtown Rockford, but when the temps begin to drop that means the Rockford Icehogs are back in season, and that is by far the best thing to do in the city.

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Whether you're a toddler watching the hockey players play for the first time, or you're 85 and bringing your grandchildren with you to a game, we really are lucky to have such a fun, constant event taking us from October through the Spring.

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Saturday night the Icehogs took the ice for the first time this season... they lost... but, two Icehogs fans did win after they got engaged in the first period by section 101.

@middaymichelle Surprise proposal at the @Rockford IceHogs Home Opener #proposal#surpriseproposal#rockfordicehogs#hockeyday#homeopener#shesaidyes#ononeknee#hammythehog @BMO Center ♬ original sound - middaymichelle
I swear I had their names written down somewhere... but I don't, so now maybe I'm writing this to find them? Where are you mystery Icehogs couple? Who are you? 
Hammy got the chance to pose with them... but looks like he didn't get their names either. 

We're hoping we get some wins this weekend at the Icehogs game, but if we don't, maybe we'll get some more surprise proposals. We'll take that, too. 

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