This morning was a big one for wine and beer lovers who love a great deal.

Today was the day, Aldi released their advent calendars and everyone was ready!

So ready that when I got there at 8:30 there were already 15 people in line waiting for their discounted goodies.

Everyone was in good spirits and there was no fighting the entire time we waited in line as well as when we walked in. The store was ready for the excitement, handing out the wine and beer calendars in an orderly fashion.


I didn't get a cart so I only had enough strength to carry one wine calendar, but I did take a peek at the chocolate calendars which I totally would've grabbed if I had the ability too.


My bill was $76 and some cents for the 24 mini bottles of wine. It comes to about 6 full size bottles, but there are 24 different kinds which to me is worth the price.

Plus I love the rush of waiting in line to get something, I was in a great mood after securing my wine calendar until I realized I have to wait 24 days to drink it!

I should've gotten two.

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