Tis the season to get your pretty on, and that's way easier with someone else putting the make-up on your face. We're looking for Rockford's #1 Make-up artist!

Wednesday, November 27 is National Make-up Artist Appreciation Day so it's fitting that for the bulk of November we will be looking for Rockford's #1 Make-up Artist.

We are so lucky to have so many talented artists in the Rockford area, but there can only be one winner... according to your votes that winner is Tam Woodrow!

Tam is not only a make-up artist, she's also a dancer, actress and we're pretty sure she sings too. She a quadruple threat and we are happy to name her Rockford's #1 Make-up Artist, congrats!

Tam Woodrow VIA Facebook
Tam Woodrow VIA Facebook

Additional congratulations to Rockford's #1 Firefighter, JR Cantu!

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